Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Gallivance Travel is a company which is helps its clients to find the best deals according to the form submitted and the video call. This means that we do not directly book the holiday/package found for you. We offer advice and put together itineraries for you, the choice is then up to you whether you book or not.

  2. We are not responsible for price changes on external providers websites.

  3. You will pay a fee based on the package you have chosen directly to Gallivance Travel at the time of requesting us to find you your perfect holiday. You will pay this fee if you decide to book the itinerary given or not.

  4. After we have provided you with the details, we then take no responsibility – this includes but is not limited to any bookings made on the advice given.

  5. Gallivance Travel does not sell flights, hotels, or any activities.

  6. Gallivance Travel is not linked to any other company and does not receive any monies from any party except the client.


Gallivance Travel is the best way to have your dream holiday found for you.

What is the process?

  • Choose from one of our itinerary-finding packages:

    • Basic

    • Middle

    • Ultimate

  • Please fill in the form as to how you want your holiday to be. Payment is required at this stage.

  • We will then provide you with the best deals on the internet that match your wishes. Depending on your package chosen we will have also put together a set itinerary for you too.

  • In most cases we will aim to provide you with a number of options which best suit you for you to choose.

  • We then will leave the advice provided in your hands to decide.